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Audrina Maddock by roxxiekun
Audrina Maddock

Name:  Audrina Maddock

Gender:  Female

Age:  16

Pokemon: Audino :iconaudinoplz:

Type:  Normal

Birthday: June 11

Occupation: Student

Height: 5’2

Weight: 135 lbs.

Move set:

:bulletpink::iconnormaltypeplz: ||status|| Protect:
It enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.

:bulletpink::iconnormaltypeplz: ||status|| Wish: 
One turn after this move is used, the target's HP is restored by half the user's max HP.

:bulletpink: :iconfairytypeplz: ||special|| Draining Kiss:
The user steals the target's energy with a kiss. The user's HP is restored by over half of the damage taken by the target.

:bulletpink::iconpsychictypeplz: ||status|| Heal Pulse: 
The user emits a healing pulse which restores the target's HP by up to half of its max HP.

Nature:  Naïve  

Characteristic:   Often lost in thought


-Stubborn  -Naïve -Ditzy  -Sensitive  -Insecure

+Caring +Compassionate +Brave +Tenacious +Polite

Ekaterina is a very tender hearted girl with a soft spot for basically anything that breathes. While she may be a little airheaded and in the clouds sometimes, she wants the best for everyone around her and is constantly smiling and being nice to others to brighten their day. This stems from the fact that one of her greatest desires it to be appreciated by those around her and liked.

Beneath a friendly and bubbly exterior lies a personality that worries and dwells on when she is hurt. And while she would like to voice her displeasure and sadness she will often contain herself for the fear that a reaction would cause others to dislike her and dismantle the friendly persona that she has worked so hard to create. This leads to awkward situations where she will give the offending person the cold shoulder and ignore them, rather than addressing the problem directly. She is not a malicious person, but easily hurt.

History:  TBA

Sexual Orientation:  Hetero

Status:  Single

Relationships:  Add on as you develop your bae



+Plush toys





-Mean people

-Seeing people in pain/hurt

-Sudden loud noises  


-A very talented singer

-Daydreams and doodles often 



I'm Harry Potter Dammit!
United States
Current Residence: H-Town Texas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: wouldn't you like to know
Favourite photographer: NerdChaser
Favourite style of art: manga/anime
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano 1st gen.
Favourite cartoon character: Yusei, Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba and Itachi Uchiha
So I was cleaning out my journals and accidentally deleted this so lets try again shall we? :iconimhappyplz:;;;

1. Noah. Just little Noah. Bouncing her big green ball around, smacking people taller than her with her floppy sleeves, trolling people because she isn't speaking English. Yes, anything Noah. 

2. Emily as a Pop Idol, not the ones from America, the ones from Asia. (Look at Girls' Generation for some examples for clothes, hair etc. eveb) But as every Pop Idol does, she has to have some amazing back up dancers, right? Of course! Her back up dancers are the males of A-gents! :dummy: Yes! They are dancing in the background, if you need ideas, the guys of Uta no Prince Sama will help you out! :la: 

3. Eka! Now this one can be a story or a picture. You see, Little Eka will be a sniper when she grows up, but she's gonna specialize in capturing and tracking down things. So if you can draw/write her going on an adventure to capture some kind of hideous creature but by the end she has it begging for belly rubs and eating out of the palm of her hand, that would be the best! 

4. Eh....I can't remember what else I this is a free for all! :dummy: Slices of life stories, any of my characters in civilian clothes, in different AUs, anything! 

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