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Electric Shock by roxxiekun
Electric Shock
The beat is getting faster
It’s beating louder more and more
I’ve already gone past the limit
I’m in shock, e-electric shock

Electric Shock -f(x) 

Shen, Ville du Mort (c) :iconmiha-hime: 
Ekaterina (c) Me. 
Divine by roxxiekun
So to speak, this small me is powerless against
The raging waves that give their loud roars, but
The sea will surely part
And make a path for me
One day,

We can be divine
    --Divine, SNSD 

My OC, Ekaterina Kallias, dancing with :iconmewshinobi:s OC Seumas Douglas dancing during :iconville-du-mort: s Festival Event. 
Open for Commissions by roxxiekun
Open for Commissions
Okay! I am officially open for commssions! 

You can send me a note over DA and please include: 

Subject: Commission 

In your note please describe: 

-Type: Head Shot - Colored, Full Body Sketch, etc. 

-Any references and descriptions of the character you want

-Format: Digital or printed. Please note that printed will cost extra, depending on size of the print desired and shipping. 

Thanks for commissioning me~! 

Falling Creek App by roxxiekun
Falling Creek App

Name:{ Name in full }

Age:{ 16 years and over}

Faction: {Faction name - Group - position}

Gender/sex: {What character perceives themselves as/what gender they are biologically.}

Blood type: {Blood type}

Appearance: {Mention eye colour, hair colour for applications with art - At least two paragraphs for non artistic applications.}

Height: {ft or cms}

Weight: { kg or lbs }

Race: {Human, Alien, Mummy, Frankenstein Potato}


Character's physical strength
Fortitude: Character's physical and mental resistance
Intelligence: Character's capacity to understand new and foreign concepts and apply the knowledge.
Dexterity: Character's ability to work with delicate or speedy tasks.


Ability name:


Personality: { Bullet points and/or paragraph(s) }

Bio:{ At least three paragraphs }

Likes: { Three or more likes }

Dislikes:{ Three or more Dislikes }

Misc:{ Extra }

Relationships:{ Friends, Family, etc. }

Ekaterina - VilleduMort by roxxiekun
Ekaterina - VilleduMort
Name: Ekaterina Kallias 

Race: Swan maiden

A race of women who have cloaks that enable them to turn into swans when worn. They suffer from extreme wanderlust, wanting to keep moving from place to place. They can adapt easily to new places and people, and learn languages in a matter of weeks.

If someone takes their cloak and keeps it from them they are forced to stay with them. Most men marry the swan maiden once they take her cloak, however, if the maiden was to find her cloak she would leave immediately disregarding her new family. She leaves, and if her husband wants to find her, it's pretty impossible. 

Swan maidens eat regular food like humans do, but tend to stick more to vegetarian diets, with some fish.

Note: Swan maidens can only be women, unlike selkies who can be either gender. 

-Requires only their cloak to transform into a swan 
-Can learn languages quickly 

-Are subservient to the person who takes their cloak 
-Forget quickly about their past families 

Age: 15

Occupation: Singer

Nationality: Greek

Alliance:  The one with the most snacks. Neutral

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 135 lbs 

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Blonde

Blood Type: A

Gift: Neutralize- Nullifies the gifts of any other person within a meter of her.

Races that require an item (Baku, Swan Maiden, etc.) are not affected since it’s a magical item that allows the transformation, and Ekaterina’s ability affects living (or once living in the case of vampires) things, not items.

Ranged abilities hit a ‘wall’ if they are at a distance from Ekaterina, if they are within a meter of her, they cannot use their ability at all.

Her gift cannot affect gifts that are conditions created from the body; things such as strength, speed, and things created biologically (Ex: tears).

Vampire and ghoul biology are not affected by Ekaterina’s ability. Lycan biology is, in the sense that she can damper the heightened abilities that the curse gives them back down to human levels, but she cannot outright stop the transformation on a full moon, but she can slow it down. 

Witch familiars are not affected by her ability. 

Weapon:  Gift

Personality: ||Perky||Air-headed||Well-Intentioned||Naive||Sweet||


Eka comes from a small town, and a large family. In a family full of men, Eka and her mother were the lone women in house. Eka was taught how to take care of the house and her brothers, although she was rather spoiled when it came to getting things. What she never knew about her parents, she found out when she found a case in a forgotten part of their attic. The cape that she found in the attic she went and showed to her mother. The woman took it from her and with a final kiss to the forehead, the woman left out of the door. Thinking that it was a game Eka tried to follow, but the woman disappeared into the night. 

He father's grief almost overwhelmed her. She stayed with her brothers and father, but something kept pulling at her. Telling her to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. But that feeling would quickly flee, feeling that something that was missing. When a package came in for her, a cloak, made in golden fabric, the feeling came back, full force, she put the cloak on and felt the sense of the purest freedom ever. As she was walking out of the door, she felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder, her father was looking at her with betrayal in his eyes. He snatched the cloak from her, and before her very eyes, he began to tear it to shreds. She felt a physical pain in her when it tore. She took it back and ran out of the house, holding it to her chest. 

She ran as far as she could, stumbling into a wood and falling asleep there, holding the cloak to her chest. In the morning, she wiped her tears and put it on. She smiled when she felt the wings on her back. The cloak still worked, and Ekaterina knew that she had to keep moving. She eventually ended up in London, and with such a big city. She figured she might stay a while. 


-Sleeping in 
-Cute dresses 

-Staying still for too long 
-Being touched without warning
-Being cold 



I'm Harry Potter Dammit!
United States
Current Residence: H-Town Texas
deviantWEAR sizing preference: wouldn't you like to know
Favourite photographer: NerdChaser
Favourite style of art: manga/anime
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano 1st gen.
Favourite cartoon character: Yusei, Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba and Itachi Uchiha
So I was cleaning out my journals and accidentally deleted this so lets try again shall we? :iconimhappyplz:;;;

1. Noah. Just little Noah. Bouncing her big green ball around, smacking people taller than her with her floppy sleeves, trolling people because she isn't speaking English. Yes, anything Noah. 

2. Emily as a Pop Idol, not the ones from America, the ones from Asia. (Look at Girls' Generation for some examples for clothes, hair etc. eveb) But as every Pop Idol does, she has to have some amazing back up dancers, right? Of course! Her back up dancers are the males of A-gents! :dummy: Yes! They are dancing in the background, if you need ideas, the guys of Uta no Prince Sama will help you out! :la: 

3. Eka! Now this one can be a story or a picture. You see, Little Eka will be a sniper when she grows up, but she's gonna specialize in capturing and tracking down things. So if you can draw/write her going on an adventure to capture some kind of hideous creature but by the end she has it begging for belly rubs and eating out of the palm of her hand, that would be the best! 

4. Eh....I can't remember what else I this is a free for all! :dummy: Slices of life stories, any of my characters in civilian clothes, in different AUs, anything! 

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